v0.1.2.5 release

- Added all level 10 and 15 recipes & 15 - 20

- Reworked crafting level

- Fixed bug where unsalvageable items show up in salvage

- Added so items you do not know the recipe to does not show in salvage

- Added legendary recipes to lootroll if in a party

- Reworked level of items crafted, IE bronze crafted is between 1 and 5

- Nerfed mobs armor

- Two handed weapons get a 25% boost

- Fixed double lootdrop/kill issue for mobs

- Fixed issue with non-aggro not getting skill exp

- Fixed issue with cd not resetting

- Fixed crafting exp not being accurate

- Added River Eel fishing spot to sanctuary

- Added new combat icons

- Added monster abilities to all mobs in 1-5

- Added the ability to use tools that are not equip, in inventory

- Redid channeling bar and combo bar

- Fixed combo bar not removing

- Fixed the 10 second no combat timer not appearing

- Updated sun to be universal for all instances


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Aug 16, 2022

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